One of the irritating events in my body took two Oregon Regenerative Medicine doctors and one flash of insight to address, and the teamwork proved most efficacious!

My rambunctiously insomniac left calf, a disturbance identified by my chiropractor as an entrapped fibular nerve, stirringly alive in the daytime, became most troublesome at night with tremulous sensations like myriad tiny creatures humming and streaming beneath my skin, keeping me awake at night with their frenetic activity. Dr. Peterson got to work taming this insurrection with neuroprolo, a technique of light and superficial injections with effects far from superficial. I could already feel significant improvement, and enjoy deeper sleep, after the first session, and returned several times over the next few months for repeat performances till these symptoms abated completely.

In the course of this series, I realized in a sudden Aha! moment while out walking that I was keeping my left big toe from moving through its paces to avoid pain that had long before settled into it, thus throwing my entire left leg out of whack. Learning that feet were a side specialty of Dr. Oltman, who puts in a day a week at Northwest Foot & Ankle, I consulted him and was promptly educated in the importance of SPACE. Never an aficionado of pointed shoes or high heels, I was still inflicting my toes with crowding, and walked out from the clinic with a set of exercises, a set of toe separators, and a prescription for shoes with generous toe boxes. Before long, my gait returned to its rightful balance, cushioned and floating in Topo shoes that feel like Citroëns for the feet, when I wasn’t prancing around indoors in five-toe socks. With my fibular nerve pacified and my walking set straight, the entire issue was happily resolved, and has remained so ever since.

—Karine Pied-à=terre