When I learned about the snazzy new microneedling machine from Germany that Dr. Peterson had added to the clinic for enticing collagen to regenerate, I jumped at the chance and booked  immediately, having heard of similar techniques several years ago. Less than two weeks later, I am already seeing — and feeling! — the effects from this first session, with much more to manifest over the coming weeks. Jennifer was very gentle and thorough as she worked on my face, neck, and décolleté, responding to both my own sense of what most needed reviving and reshaping and her own meticulous observation, along with Dr. Peterson’s, as he was present throughout. 

Once I was numb, comfortably ensconced on the table, the process commenced, with PRP applied to open pores to intensify the results that microneedling alone can produce. Once all areas had been so treated, with a few afterthought touch-ups, my face was indulged for thirty minutes with a hyaluronic masque, very soothing and hydrating, and then I was good to go. A few days of gradual recovery from looking and feeling sunburned, a few more of not giving it all much thought, and then I awoke to the realization that my skin was suddenly looking very different: smoother, more even in tone, with pores refined, softer apparent to both look at and touch, dewy, hydrated, almost shimmery. 

I’ve been a patient at CTM/Oregon Regenerative Medicine for thirteen years, benefitting from practically everything on offer, so I knew going into this that the highest standards would be maintained in aesthetic medicine, just as they are in naturopathic approaches to health and the longevity of my joints and good behavior of my muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

—Karen Christensen