34 years ago I had surgery to remove the cartilage in my knee. Gradually my activity became more and more limited and I used to plan my day around how much use I could get out of my knee. As years went by I could be on my knee for no more than 45 to 60 min. at a time and had to rest it for several hours to reduce the pain and swelling before resuming even the simplest physical activity. I began prolotherapy with Dr. Peterson about 18 months ago, and slowly began to see the difference in leg strength, the ability to work, and reduced wobbling and swelling of 30+ years. Now I do the usual things that others may take for granted like walking, gardening, climbing a ladder, going up and down steps without pain. I will say that I’ve regained 75% to 80% of the use of my knees and I can enthusiastically encourage those who look at prolotherapy is a noninvasive procedure with proven results.