What’s in a label?

By Dr. Dhai Barr

Dr. Dhai Barr

From definitions to dyes to GMO labels, people need the facts to make the best nutritional choices. Here at Oregon Regenerative Medicine we take good nutrition seriously. We know that good wholesome food is the foundation for our vitality, health and nourishment. Therefore it is very important for our bodies to receive the best possible foods out there. Let us explore what we know and help unravel some of the confusion.


Processed food has a bad rap. If you go to Wikipedia it directs you to another page, Convenience food, without even giving you a definition. Processed means by definition to perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations in order to change or preserve it. That means we make processed foods in our kitchens when we prepare fresh food into our meals each day. Processed foods are more than our boxes of cereal and potato chips. They also include ready-made fresh salsa and hummus.

In June 2014 the American Society of Nutrition wrote an article telling how important processed foods are in providing adequate nutrition to Americans. This statement created quite a controversy in mainstream media and amongst the medical profession…

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