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Why I do what I love to do!

By: Dr. Dhai Barr

When I became a naturopath, it was an obvious choice to maintain the most natural skin care regime I could.  This was a way I could look and feel my greatest.  I found myself involved in exciting cutting-edge technology, rejuvenating medicine for skin and aging.

While with the Naturopathic Academy of Therapeutic Injection, I started exploring the field of PRP (platelet rich plasma).  I thought if we can inject PRP into the joints to repair themselves, what can the needle arts do for the skin?  I went to Paris, France, to learn the nuances of mesotherapy.  Mesotherapy treatment is used in France for many medical conditions from asthma and gastritis to sports injuries.  Here in the USA, it was primarily thought of as a cellulite cure.  Because of this apparent limitation, it lost favor, as it wasn’t as successful as it could have been.

I was intrigued with a treatment done in Paris called Meso Glow. Meso Glow delivers small drops nutrients into the skin with mesotherapy.  A treatment is like a nutrient-rich IV for the face.

So what would happen if we added platelet-rich plasma, (PRP), to a Meso Glow?

Growth factors and nutrients leave skin looking refreshed immediately and then build on it for months to come, as the collagen continues to grow and mature.

My colleague, Dr. Harry Adelson, came back from Dubai in 2007 where they were then using platelets to stimulate collagen in the face.  This injection of PRP treatment reduces wrinkles, lifts the deeper lines around the mouth and diminishes the dark circles under the eyes. I personally have had several of these treatments over the years and love the results.  It is amazing what the body can do all on its own with a little stimulation!

During injection training and teaching I realized the power of bodies’ ability to regenerate and heal.  I learned about cold and hot lasers and the benefits that they provide tissues to regenerate.  By causing a small micro damage the body kicks itself into wound repair mode and viola, new tissue.  New tissue means healthier stronger skin, new collagen growth and therefore fewer wrinkles.

Along comes the Dermapen, a device that allows for an injection-less treatment

The Dermapen is a pen like device that has 12 very small gauge needles attached to a stamping mechanism.  This stamping goes over the skin at a very rapid speed, penetrating to various depths depending on the area.  In response to this wound, our body unleashes a healing cascade that includes growth factors that stimulate collagen production. This is called collagen induction therapy (CIT).  With a little microdamage we stimulate the body in it’s own process of healing and to encourage regeneration naturally.

The Dermapen process is a very comfortable procedure with no downtime, no pain, swelling or bruising and fabulous results!  By adding platelet rich plasma or PRP to the treatment the results are magnified as we boost the bodies ability to activate more growth factors.   These growth factors aid in the healing process by attracting undifferentiated stem cells into the newly formed matrix and trigger cell division.  They also limit inflammation and attract macrophage cells into the area to promote regeneration and tissue healing.  The growth factors also form new blood vessels and accelerate skin thickness.

The benefits of CIT is that the treatment leaves the skin intact and isn’t damaged as in other treatments such as ablative or non ablative laser, yet is as effective as any laser treatment.  The skin becomes thicker as collagen and elastin are increased erasing the fine lines and lifting the deeper wrinkles.  The results are on going and long lasting.  It takes some time as the collagen is laid down and grows to full maturation over the year.  This treatment is safe for all skin types and skin colors and there is no fear of hyper pigmentation seen in other skin care treatments.  The healing period is very short; the next day you might see a slight redness.  The discomfort level is nil or almost non-existent.  The Dermapen can be used anywhere on the body to encourage regeneration of skin.  It is an outstanding treatment for scars.

My goal is to help both men and women feel not just comfortable, but confident and beautiful in the skin they were born with.  I will be there with you during every step of the process.  As someone who has used this treatment before, I can guide you through it and be a first-hand testimonial to its effectiveness.  Don’t put off looking and feeling great – call me today for a consultation.  I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Barr is a naturopathic primary care doctor with an emphasis on endocrine and hormone balancing, weight loss, and medical aesthetics.  She improves the lives of her patients by altering their diet and exercise programs, treating and balancing their hormones, and helping them find their inner and outer beauty using the most natural, cutting-edge methods available.