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Summer Skin Care Do’s & Don’ts

Posted on June 17 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

by Dr. Dhai Barr As our weather in the Pacific Northwest starts to heat up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about summer skin care. We certainly want to look our best year round and taking care of our skin during the sunny summer … Learn More » “Summer Skin Care Do’s & Don’ts”

Dr. Dhai Barr, aesthetic regenerative medicine expert at Oregon Regenerative Medicine

5 Ways to Reverse Aging Skin Naturally

Posted on May 27 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

by Dr. Dhai Barr, N.D. “As we age we sink, we sag and we wrinkle” —so says the aesthetic doctor “I regret taking such good care of my skin” —said no one ever The key to facial rejuvenation is to restore the original shape of … Learn More » “5 Ways to Reverse Aging Skin Naturally”

Get Ready to Turn Back Time & Reveal Younger-Looking Skin

Posted on October 31 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Peel Away Old Skin and Make Way for a Fresh New Complexion By: Dr. Dhai Barr Now that the kids are back in school, it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself.  Give your skin the TLC it needs by peeling away the damaging … Learn More » “Get Ready to Turn Back Time & Reveal Younger-Looking Skin”

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Erase Signs of Aging Naturally: Collagen Induction with the Dermapen

Posted on October 3 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Why I do what I love to do! By: Dr. Dhai Barr When I became a naturopath, it was an obvious choice to maintain the most natural skin care regime I could.  This was a way I could look and feel my greatest.  I found … Learn More » “Erase Signs of Aging Naturally: Collagen Induction with the Dermapen”

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Skin Regeneration with Collagen Induction Therapy

Posted on July 11 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Dhai Barr has been utilizing platelet rich plasma (PRP) to perform nonsurgical face-lifts, a.k.a. “Dracula Facelift”, since 2009. Recently she has been trained in collagen induction therapy or CIT. This procedure using micro-needling creates small microscopic channels in the epidermal skin layer. Micro-needling itself … Learn More » “Skin Regeneration with Collagen Induction Therapy”

Natural Chemical Peels at Oregon Regenerative

Posted on August 21 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

What are natural chemical peels? A natural chemical peel is a treatment in which a fruit acid solution is applied to the face, neck, or body to break up the bonds that hold the dead skin layers together. With the bonds broken, dead skin sloughs … Learn More » “Natural Chemical Peels at Oregon Regenerative”