Stay Fit with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

Posted on September 26 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

How can 30 minutes of exercise twice a week turn back your genetic clock, make new brain cells, save your heart, and prevent osteoarthritis? Noel Peterson, ND Of all the lifestyle factors affecting longevity, exercise continues to lead the pack. In fact, researchers with the Veterans … Learn More » “Stay Fit with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution”

Old Man Knees- A Testimonial to Prolotherapy

Posted on September 25 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

A 23-year-old is thankful to have his knees back I’m 23 years old. I saw Dr. Peterson for prolo about a year ago on the suggestion of my grandparents, both of which are very active and had had success with him treating their joints. For … Learn More » “Old Man Knees- A Testimonial to Prolotherapy”

Natural Chemical Peels at Oregon Regenerative

Posted on August 21 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

What are natural chemical peels? A natural chemical peel is a treatment in which a fruit acid solution is applied to the face, neck, or body to break up the bonds that hold the dead skin layers together. With the bonds broken, dead skin sloughs … Learn More » “Natural Chemical Peels at Oregon Regenerative”

PRP: The Natural, Non-Surgical Facelift

Posted on April 25 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

What can be more natural than your own PRP?  By Dr. Dhai Barr In 2006, Dr. Noel Peterson began to incorporate PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma or Autologous Platelet Concentrates) to restore function in joints and ligaments. Since then, he has helped thousands of patients using … Learn More » “PRP: The Natural, Non-Surgical Facelift”

Dr. Dhai Barr Brings Aesthetic Arts to Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Posted on March 13 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Please join me and our entire staff in welcoming Dr. Dhai Barr to the Center. I’ve personally known Dhai for over 10 years and have always admired her for her medical skills as well as for her sense of humor and goodwill. I’ve watched her … Learn More » “Dr. Dhai Barr Brings Aesthetic Arts to Oregon Regenerative Medicine”

Prolotherapy Most Effective in Sacroiliac Pain

Posted on January 15 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

One of the most common causes of low back pain is sacroiliac sprain, and Prolotherapy and PRP injections continue to be the most effective and definitive treatment I have seen in my 30+ years of practice. Sacroiliac, iliolumbar, and lumbosacral ligaments are easily sprained and overstretched, … Learn More » “Prolotherapy Most Effective in Sacroiliac Pain”