Happy is Healthy

Happy girl on a beach at sunset

By: Dr. Dhai Barr

Being happy is good for you.

For years, researchers, psychologists, and doctors have told us of the connection between happiness and health. There is compelling research that looks at the negative health effects caused by stress and anger. Many studies show that various states of happiness can lower the stress related hormones. Study after study agrees that happier people live longer. This is true in both individuals as well as in communities.

One of the reasons for this link can be attributed to cortisol, “the stress hormone,” which has made the news in recent years due to its negative effect on your waistline.  Cortisol, when released in high amounts for a prolonged period of time, can contribute to insomnia, increased abdominal fat, lowered immunity, high blood pressure, and a plethora of other symptoms.  When we are happy, cortisol levels fall due to the lack of stress – which is an added incentive to take some time every day to focus on stress-relief and taking part in activities that make you happy.

How do we evaluate our own happiness, and how can we cultivate it?  There are active steps you can take to boost happiness, promote a positive sense of well-being, and help achieve a healthier body and state of mind.  Read our full article at The Center for Traditional Medicine by clicking here.

dr. dhai barr a naturopath in Portland Oregon specializes in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Barr is a naturopathic primary care doctor with an emphasis on endocrine and hormone balancing, weight loss, and medical aesthetics.  She improves the lives of her patients by altering their diet and exercise programs, treating and balancing their hormones, and helping them find their inner and outer beauty using the most natural, cutting-edge methods available.

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