Dr. Samuel Oltman


Dr. Samuel Oltman, an Oregon native and All-State athlete in Football and Track, graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Oregon State University in Exercise and Sport Science where he also played wide receiver for the Beavers football team. He attended the National College of Natural Medicine, graduating with his Naturopathic Doctorate (ND), and then completed a rigorous 2-year primary care residency at Grain Integrative Health in SE Portland. He has advanced training in pain management, orthopedics, and regenerative injection therapies.

At Oregon Regenerative Medicine Dr. Oltman brings his unique experience and expertise to serve patients’ needs in regenerative medicine and primary care. He walks the walk when it comes to living an active lifestyle and has first-hand experience of the pains and triumphs that come with pushing one’s body and mind to the limit.

As a former collegiate football player, Dr. Oltman brings personal experience and intellectual passion to the study and treatment of all forms of sport injuries, aging joints, and degenerative arthritis.

For athletes at risk for traumatic brain injuries, Dr. Oltman provides ImPact testing, a comprehensive and holistic brain injury screening, evaluation, prevention and treatment program offered at Oregon Regenerative Medicine. Our comprehensive programs are designed for athletes at all levels of competition as well as anyone at risk for a brain injury.

Dr. Oltman treats patients with the underlying presumption that the body contains the wisdom to heal itself- it simply needs the requisite inputs for enhanced healing and the removal of certain barriers that prevent healing. He believes that symptoms are not aberrations to be suppressed but rather wise expressions of nature pointing to where imbalance lies.

Patients of all walks and stages of life are encouraged to schedule a consult, whether to address a specific pain, or to establish primary care and address acute and chronic conditions, establishing the foundation for a long and vibrant life.


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