What is Heart Disease?

What is heart disease?

Not all cholesterol is created equal—some types/sizes are less likely to clog your arteries—and there are markers other than cholesterol that can assess your risk of heart disease

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Revolutionize your Diet: Turning Healthy Food Choices Into a Permanent Lifestyle Change

Part One: Food Labels A good portion of my time with patients revolves around one primary topic: food. Everyone wants to know what diet is best. The short version of my answer is: diets are not one size fits all.   Tailoring a diet to a specific person entails taking many different things into account. […]

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GMOs, Labeling & Processed Foods: Separating Truth from Fiction

What’s in a label? By Dr. Dhai Barr From definitions to dyes to GMO labels, people need the facts to make the best nutritional choices. Here at Oregon Regenerative Medicine we take good nutrition seriously. We know that good wholesome food is the foundation for our vitality, health and nourishment. Therefore it is very important for […]

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Allergies: Try these natural cures

by Dr. Vanessa Fritz Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to an otherwise innocuous substance. This time of year, pollen is the usual culprit. Pollen allergies can cause numerous symptoms that vary from mild to debilitating. While allopathic treatment of allergies involves palliating symptoms, naturopathic treatment strives to find the cause and to […]

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