What is Heart Disease?

What is heart disease?

Not all cholesterol is created equal—some types/sizes are less likely to clog your arteries—and there are markers other than cholesterol that can assess your risk of heart disease

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Stay Fit with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

How can 30 minutes of exercise twice a week turn back your genetic clock, make new brain cells, save your heart, and prevent osteoarthritis? Noel Peterson, ND Of all the lifestyle factors affecting longevity, exercise continues to lead the pack. In fact, researchers with the Veterans Affairs recently completed a study of 15,860 men, and found […]

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Low Testosterone in Men: Andropause is More Common Than You Think

What is andropause or male menopause? Andropause occurs in men when there is a steep decline in the anabolic hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This drop in hormones is common in men after age 40. How do I know if testosterone is low? Fatigue, memory loss, cognitive decline, depression. Lack of sex drive, difficulty achieving […]

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Lead in Blood of Average Americans Causes Heart Attacks and Strokes

The average blood level of lead found among Americans is high enough to increase the likelihood of heart attack and stroke, according to a new study by researchers Andy Menke, MPH, and his team at Tulane University School of Public Health. While a ‘high’ blood level is now defined as more than 10 micrograms of […]

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