How Retinol Effects Your Skin

Retinol Treatment for Skin in Portland

The truth about Retinols and Retinoic Acid Retinol (vitamin A) is part of the retinoid family. The prescription form is retinoic acid. The over-the-counter form is called retinol. Biochemically they do the same thing.  Other derivatives of vitamin A are retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, and retinyl linoleate.  The only difference is that it may take […]

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Is Facial Aging Treatable?

ORM offers regenerative treatment for wrinkles

As we age, we sink, we sag and we deflate.  This is due to progressive fat, collagen and bone loss, and with a little help from gravity, we begin to look older than we really are.  We are left with the loss of volume, fallen cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and heavy jowls. Dermal […]

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Oregon Health Authority Appoints Dr. Peterson to Opioid Task Force

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon, like most states, is experiencing an epidemic of street-diversion and overdose of prescription opioids. As part of the statewide effort to address this epidemic, the Oregon Health Authority has appointed Dr. Noel Peterson to Clinical Review Subcommittee of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Advisory Commission. Dr. Peterson is a Diplomate of the American Academy […]

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Dr. Peterson to Teach PRP Platelet Rich Plasma at the 4th Latin-American Congress of Musculoskeletal Medicine in Argentina

Dr. Peterson to teach PRP Platelet Rich Plasma at the 4th Latin-American Congress of Musculoskeletal Medicine in Mendoza, Argentina. Dr. Noel Peterson and his wife Teresa will be returning to Argentina this summer to speak before the 4º Congreso Latinoamericano de Medicina Musculo-Esqueltica in Mendoza, Argentina. Dr. Peterson has been a popular teacher of prolotherapy, PRP and […]

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Chronic Shoulder Pain Study: Adipose Stem Cell Injection Instead of Surgery

Nonsurgical treatment for chronic shoulder pain at Oregon Regenerative Medicine

An alternative to replacement surgery for ending shoulder pain by Dr. Noel Peterson Chronic shoulder pain is the third most prominent cause of disability behind low back and neck pain. When current standard non-surgical methods fail, there are few viable options available other than shoulder replacement surgery. This study confirms what we have seen in […]

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Research & Articles on Regenerative Medicine

The following are links to research and outside articles in the area of Regenerative Medicine Refractory Shoulder Pain with Osteoarthritis, and Rotator Cuff Tear, Treated With Micro-Fragmented Adipose Tissue Regeneration of Cartilage in Human Knee Osteoarthritis with Autologous Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells and Autologous Extracellular Matrix Can Platelet-rich Plasma Be Used for Skin Rejuvenation? Evaluation […]

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More evidence of knee cartilage growth after Autologous Adipose stem cell injection.

Demonstrated cartilage growth on MRI 3 weeks after Autologous Adipose stem cell injection

In this study showing evidence of knee cartilage growth after autologous adipose stem cell injection, Dr. Jaewoo Pak and colleagues enrolled three patients: an 87-year-old female with stage 3 OA, a 68-year-old male with stage 3 OA, and a 60-year-old female with stage 3 OA, were included. All had significant findings of advanced osteoarthritis on MRI, […]

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Cellular medicine provides alternative to joint replacement surgery

Severe osteoarthritis treatment with adult stem cell regeneration at Oregon Regenerative Medicine Portland

The majority of our patients with severe osteoarthritis are able to avoid the need for total hip and total knee replacement surgery, as long as they are treated before the onset of total joint destruction. Even bone-on-bone arthritis responds well to adult stem cell regeneration. Over 2 decades of research has established that when injected […]

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Dr. Peterson appointed to ICMS Board

International Cellular Medicine Society provides oversight in stem cell research Dr. Noel Peterson has recently been appointed a member of the Institutional Review Board of the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS). He is recognized as an expert in the field of regenerative orthopedics and has specialized in regenerative medicine and Prolotherapy since 1999, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) […]

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Over 90% of sports injuries don’t require surgery. So why go to a surgeon?

Non surgical treatment options for sports injuries at Oregon Regenerative Medicine in Portland

Over 90% of sports injuries don’t require surgery. So why go to a surgeon? Good question. Yet most injured athletes end up seeing a surgeon. Like Nate, who 10 years earlier had injured his right hip in a dirt bike fall. His pain and disability had worsened to the point that 2 years ago he […]

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